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 Interview TV avec Flip Wilson : 10 juillet 1969

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Date d'inscription : 05/06/2010

MessageSujet: Interview TV avec Flip Wilson : 10 juillet 1969   Dim 16 Jan 2011 - 12:48

Interview TV avec Flip Wilson pour "The Tonight Show" : 10 juillet 1969

New York City, NBC TV Studios, New York, USA, JHE [II] with stand in drummer
Recording for the NBC TV Tonight Show with Billy Cox - bass, Ed Shaughnessy [of Doc Severinsens Tonight Show NBC Orchestra] – drums
Songs: 1. Lover Man #1, 2. Lover Man #2
Interview by Flip Wilson
This is the appearance on the Tonight Show where Jimi’s amp blew during the first take and host Flip Wilson was left to amuse the audience while it was being replaced,

[Aud = Audience]

[Tape cut]
Flip : …then Mr Jimi Hendrix
Aud : [Applause]
Flip : And Mister Wilson Pickett*
Aud : [Applause]
Flip : Mister Joe Tex(1)
Aud : [Applause]
Flip : Comedian Jerry Shane
Aud : [Applause]
Flip : And author Jacklynn Susanne
Aud : [Applause]
Flip : Rrrrright Shorty! [band plays intro] Hey! Hey!
[Tape cut]
Flip : …people give you a cookie this evening
Aud : [Laughter]
Flip : You see. I’m gon’ put dat under dere…
[Tape cut]
Flip : My next guest has one of the most unique and unusual styles on the music scene
today, he’s featured in the current motion picture success ‘Monterey Pop’($) This is his first appearance on the Tonight Show, so will you please welcome the ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience’
Aud : [Applause]
Flip : Jim!... Glad you could make it there
Jimi : Yeah
Flip : Glad you could make it
Jimi : I am too, it’s nice huh
Flip : Fine, an’ I-I, I wanted to-uh, so many people have been asking, because they’ve
Aud : [Laughter]
Flip : …huh-wha’? No, no. So many people’s been asking because they’ve heard that
you regard your, your performance as a spiritual experience…
Jimi : Hmm… [under his breath:] “Listen to him”
Flip : …so, uh, if there’s, is there some comments you’d like to make about that we’d all
be very interested
Jimi : Yeah, let’s see now, spiritual
Flip : I can dig it, I can dig it, baby
Aud : [Laughter]
Jimi : Ha-ha-ha-uh, yeah, somebody’s going to have to, heh, in here today
Flip : I’ll dig it.
Jimi : It’s a thing that, uh, it’s, I don’t know, after… goin’ to church for a few times an’
gettin’ thrown out o’ there because you’ve got tennis shoes on with a blue and black suit...brown shirt, the works…
Flip : Yes
Jimi : …and then after politics tell you this hogwash about this and that, you know, you
decide an’ say, “Well let me get my own thing together,” you know, and so music is my, my scene. My whole life is based around it. So quite naturally it comes to be even more than a religion. And so what I learn, through the experience of it, I try to pass on to other people, you know, through our music, so it won’t be so hard for them to go around. Like for instance all this violence, people runnin’ ‘round through the streets, you know. I can understand their point but, like, uh, if they dig the sounds and let the spiritual, look, it’s like church actually, you know
Flip : Yes
Jimi : .. just like church, how you go to a gospel church and we’re tryin’ to get the same
thing through-uh, modern day music, you know...
Flip : I can dig it, very easily, there’s no problem, no…
Jimi : [In strange voice, under his breath:] “Stupid jerrrrk”
Flip : I was checking, I-I-I, I was checking, doing, doing a little research on you. You’re
Saggitarian also..
Jimi : Constantly
Flip : Yeah
Jimi : Yeah
Aud : [Laughter (at Jimi’s joke)]
Flip : I’m Saggitarian myself
Jimi : Yeah?
Flip : Yeah
Jimi : Really?
Flip : And, because, when I’m, when I’m very interested…
Jimi : Great to see you
Flip : …in people, I try to check ‘em out, and find out as much as I can
Jimi : Choc-ices(2) get stoned too. What day are you on?
Flip : December eighth
Jimi : Yeah
Flip : Ah
Jimi : Twenty seventh is mine
Flip : Twenty seventh of November
Jimi : Mhh, yes
Flip : Sammy Davis, myself. Let’s see, on December eighth is: Sammy Davis, Winston
Churchill, Kirk Douglas, myself, Sinatra’s on the seventh…
Jimi : Mhh
Flip : …and-uh, who else? Maurice Chevalier
Jimi : I know quite a few of ‘em
Flip : Peace
Aud : [Laughter (at Jimi’s joke)]
Flip : Yeah…
Jimi : A-huh
Flip : That’s the sign of great entertainers – Saggitarius
Jimi : Yeah…
Flip : That’s why I checked you out… I can dig it. I feel like we all got something to offer,
you know, when we check to find our thing…
Jimi : All right, man
Flip : .. and the-we represent, in my opinion, God, and what we give to each other…
Jimi : Right
Flip : …and we’re all supposed to come here and put something in the pot, and go
? : Yes!
Flip : You know
Jimi : [? in silly voice:] Yes!
? : Yes!
Jimi : [? in silly voice:] Man!
Flip : Don’t just come here, y’know…
Jimi : [? in silly voice:] Amen!
Flip : …and suck up all the air! Y’know
Aud : [Laughter]
Flip : You loo’…
Jimi : …temple of God anyway, you know…
Flip : I’d say
Jimi : …that’s why you have too have some kind o’ ideas [Eye dreams? I-jeans?] on yourself, regardless
of what you’re like outwards, you know?
Flip : Yes
Jimi : And, like, once you carry God inside yourself4, well then you’re part off him, he’s part
of you, you know?
Flip : Well Jim, it’s my pleasure to extend an’ invitation to you to whip a light sermon on us
Jimi : Great
Aud : [Laughter (at Flip’s joke)]
Flip : Yes. Jimi Hendrix! Ladies and gentlemen
Jimi : I’d like to say first of all this is Billy Cox our new(3) bass player. We’ll do a thing called
‘Here Comes Your Lover Man Out The Widow I Can See Him’..

* Jimi had backed him three years previously, as a member of the King Curtis band, at a launch party for Percy Sledge’s ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ LP. Buddy Miles was also Pickett’s drummer for a time.
$) Only had it’s premier on 26th Dec.’68, and was only on general release from January 1969
1) Jimi had backed Curtis Knight singing two Joe Tex songs as a member of Curtis Knight and the Squires, three years previously. Mitch says in his autobiogaphy that Jimi and he sat in with the Joe Tex band at “New York Town Hall… some kind of Black Panther benefit…”
2) Choc-ice: brown on the outside, white in the middle
3) New member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience that is
4) Listen to this untitled prayer (“Thank You God”) of Jimi’s during Voodoo Chile (SR) on 26-4-1969 at The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles (not on the Alan Douglas ‘Lifelines release’ as he turned Jimi’s vocal track right down at this point for some reason, and then had Michael Fairchild write a cover note saying that Jimi’s mic’ had been turned off by the police!) and on 26-4-1970 at Dane Co. Memorial Coliseum, Madison. He also wrote it down, see the book ‘Cherokee Mist’

Source : Ren sur JPIO

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Interview TV avec Flip Wilson : 10 juillet 1969
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