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 Interview avec Klas Burling : Stockholm le 31 Août 1970

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Date d'inscription : 05/06/2010

Interview avec Klas Burling  : Stockholm le 31 Août 1970  Empty
MessageSujet: Interview avec Klas Burling : Stockholm le 31 Août 1970    Interview avec Klas Burling  : Stockholm le 31 Août 1970  Icon_minitimeMar 13 Juil 2010 - 22:38

Interview avec Klas Burling le 31 Août 1970 à Stockholm :

Backstage interview by Klas Burling for [unknown] SVT (Swedish Radio) show. Jimi sounds a bit ‘out of it’ on something and slurs his speeh in places, he’s tuning his guitar while they speak:

JH: Nobody can beat Monterey, I wish they’d take Monterey out of their minds, except for
beautiful past memories. Because nobody can beat Monterey n’-right now, until the
next wave of musicians, and artists, and pop stars come along [tuning]
KB: You’re point of view on the Isle Wight Festival where you played a few nights ago?
JH: The people were really groovy, the people were very groovy. But I really hate to play at
night. You know what I mean? Especially outside
KB: You couldn’t see the audience you mean?
JH: Not too good, not as… I couldn’t see everybody. I, an’ that’s how I play off o’. First of
all the musicians and then second of all the audience [tuning]
KB: Tell us more Jimi because we have not seen you for very long, an…
JH: Well listen [sniff]…
KB: What have you been doing really?
JH: I’ve been doing like Yogi Bear, I’ve been hide-enatin’-hibernatin’[tuning]
KB: Which means?
JH: I-they surprise me that they wa-uh-wa’, you know, wanted us, they wanted us back here, you know [tuning]
KB: Why?
JH : ‘Cause there’s, ‘cause we received a lot of static… in new York, a lot o’ aggravation in New York. A lot o’ aggravation? In New York [tuning]
KB: Jimi, you’re music today, has it changed in Europe? [tuning]
JH: Well most of the night we pay like a… a whole vacuous, I don’t know, wall sound, a wall of feeling, that’s what we try to get across. You know what I mean? Wh-sheoo! We haven’t been [to] sleep in two days, you know [tuning]
KB: But, Jimi, during all this time when you not appeared in, in Europe, w’-what have you been doing in, in the States, y’know [tuning]
JH : W’-you know. We’ve been working very had on other projects too, you know [tuning]
KB: Tell us a bit about it please? [tuning]
JH : Well… I’ve been doin’ a lot of song writing an’… Billy Cox our bass player’s been doin’ a lot of song writin’, you know [tuning]
KB: You’ve written songs along with him as well?
JH : Well, you know. We’re-we’re startin’ to do that now, we’re startin’ to really make good
contact with each other, because we realise how important a friend is in this world
KB: Have you got many of your songs recorded waiting for release?
JH : We have a whole LP. [the ‘Dolly Dagger’ single starts playing in the background!] and
we have a single called ‘Dolly Dagger’, and on the other side of it is the-ah [in a
slightly amused tone:] ‘Night Bird Flying’
KB: Is the single going to be released very soon? [tuning]
JH : Well, I hope so, soon as possible. It’s gonna be out in ‘the States’ first probably

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Interview avec Klas Burling : Stockholm le 31 Août 1970
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