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Davy O'List (Nice) interview :


"""The Marquee was so pleased they had found a new hit, crowd-pulling group they asked The Nice to support Jimi Hendrix at The Marquee. They thought we would compliment the excitement of Jimi Hendrix’s music. We did. After we finished our set I was walking off the stage and Jimi was waiting for me in the wings. He looked very happy and pleased to see me. He congratulated me on my performance. He thought it was all very exciting and loved it and was glad we were playing with him. Then he asked me if I would like to be on his new UK tour coming up soon. Of course, I said yes straight away and then the arrangements were made with his agent for The Nice to tour with him. So it was the greatest pleasure of my life. The greatest event which ever happened to me, I had finally found success. I had given birth to a new super group, like The Stones or The Beatles. So I want to do it again with new band Second Thoughts.

Davy O’List playing the first Free Rock Festival in the world - Hyde Park 1967
After the tour we went straight to America. As I had got us on the Jimi Hendrix tour Andrew Oldham, The Rolling Stones and The Nice manager, wanted us to break in America, too. He had put us on a tour of Denmark and Sweden before the Jimi Hendrix tour to make us even better live and so the album recorded well.

When we got back from America I ran into Jimi again at another club in London and he asked me if he could borrow my guitar but unfortunately I did not have it with me. We met several times after that in other clubs in London and he would come straight up to me to say hello, how are you doing.

He invited me to see the recording of Electric Ladyland, and I saw him record the bass guitar on it as well. Then I was his guest at the Olympia Exhibition, a gigantic exhibition centre in London, where he was playing a large concert. I went up to the dressing room where he was practicing his guitar and said hello Jimi. He was one of the nicest people I had ever met. He was so kind and thoughtful and genuine. People in the dressing room were looking at him as if he were a god. He showed me some new work of his and played me a blues. I will always remember it. He wanted to share it with me. He was my favorite close friend. Sometimes on the tour we would share dressing rooms. He treated me like one of his group. “I was halfway to heaven,” which is now the forth movement from my new symphony number one, on the Second Thoughts album.

The inclusion of The Nice on the Jimi Hendrix tour broke the group into stardom, no doubt about it. The Thoughts of EmerList DavJak single went straight up into the singles Top Thirty, we were offered lots of work and made many, many new friends. But it was the girls who came to the tour that really put me in the charts and put the band in the international limelight. I remember them vividly. They were screaming at me every night. I could sort of control them and their screams because when I came to quite passages I nodded to them to calm down and when the forte sections happened I said come on, and it was deafening screaming again, what a wonderful mind blowing experience. I was also happy to play with Buddy Miles and Noel Redding at The Speakeasy club one night after the America tour and Mitch Mitchell once got up to play Rondo with The Nice at the Marquee so I knew all Jimi’s group really pretty well."""

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