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 Madison (Factory) : 27 février 1968 [Second concert]

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MessageSujet: Madison (Factory) : 27 février 1968 [Second concert]    Mar 13 Juil 2010 - 22:39

Madison (Factory) : 27 février 1968 [Second concert]
3000 spectateurs

Titres (très certainement dans le désordre) :

- Spanish Castle Magic
- Can You Please Out Your Window
- Tax Free
- Red House
- Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
- Purple Haze
- Fire
- The Wind Cries Mary
- Foxy Lady
- Wild Thing

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MessageSujet: Re: Madison (Factory) : 27 février 1968 [Second concert]    Mer 14 Juil 2010 - 21:22

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Purple Jim


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MessageSujet: Re: Madison (Factory) : 27 février 1968 [Second concert]    Sam 22 Jan 2011 - 17:23

THE DAILY CARDINAL - ‘Jimi Hendrix - Bold As Love’ – 27 February interview by Maxine Woodford and Jeannette Lee :

Jimi: ‘The Axis is The World, man - every time it turns around, it changes man completely. It’s like love, every cat that falls in love, he’s got to make changes.’
- said the soft-spoken Jimi Hendrix during an interview at the Factory last Tuesday night. The remark was made In reference to a line from the title song of his latest album, ‘Bold as Love.’ Hendrix’s gentle manner back stage was in complete contrast to his uninhibited, uncompromising performance which included everything from playing his guitar with his teeth and flicking his tongue at the audience to the final smashing of his guitar and amplifiers. Although there was a delay due to the late arrival of equipment, as soon as Hendrix appeared on the stage, the crowds freaked out. Backstage, Hendrix confided
that –
Jimi: ‘I haven’t seen my dad in seven years. I don’t want to go back home unless I have something to show for it. They’ve got all my records. My dad asked me questions about my songs that I thought he’d never ask.”
- Hendrix affectionately spoke of his grandmother, a Cherokee Indian who gave Hendrix his taste for colours by sending him to school In the colourful Indian clothes she made for him. He said –
Jimi: ‘My grandmother wrote me one time and said, ‘You aren’t shootin’ that marijuana up your arms are you?’
- Concerning his performance he said –
Jimi: ‘Quite naturally, you want the audience to dig it. That’s why we don’t have no set program. That’s why we get up to the microphone and mess around - making them feel more at ease, We like to make them feel like they’re with us - making them feel like three people from the audience got up and played for them. It’s so free you can give notes away here and there. It’s another way of contact.
It’s like a person who works all day and parties all night. Like music is one big party for me. It’s very serious too at the same time—it’s everything. If the audience doesn’t dig it, I just play for myself, You have to play for yourself if you want your own sound. I still don’t know what we’re doing, I just want us to get better and better. When you do these things, they start listening to your music and start asking questions for advice. All I can say is let your mind and fancy flow. Quite naturally, you have to listen to the opinions of the wallpaper people too, the plastics and so forth. Listen to all sides and look.’
In discussing his views on religion, Hendrlx quietly said –
Jimi: ‘If God is going to lay back and watch The worlds fight against each other and say If you don’t do this, you go to hell - if there’s such a thing as God, he’s the worst person in this whole World. Some people starve to death for no reason at all and they haven’t done nothing wrong, have they? They pray every day, please God, send me a piece of bread and nothing happens. They do this for years and years and finally they try their best to get Jobs and everything under their own power. They go out and steal a piece of bread and get hung for it. What’s all that about. If there’s a God, he’s playing with us. It’s like tin soldiers. I don’t believe in the word, God, not the way they use it. As far as a person named God, I don’t know about all this.’
- Discussing ‘Castles made of Sand,’ which is included on his latest album, ‘Axis: Bold As Love,’ he stated that –
Jimi: ‘Dreams that are based on things that are not stable are like sand castles and when they touch the water they’re gone. But if your dreams are made on a solid foundation and if you have deep feelings, a dream can mean a goal in life,’
- Concerning the meaning of his song ‘Manic Depression’ he stated that it meant –
Jimi: ‘making love to music, Instead of girls all the time. Sometimes you get so involved with music you wish you could touch it physically. You say ‘music, sweet music, I wish I could caress and kiss, kiss…You know you can feel It physically coming out of the amp – can actually feel the vibrations.’
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Purple Jim


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MessageSujet: Re: Madison (Factory) : 27 février 1968 [Second concert]    Sam 22 Jan 2011 - 17:51

PTERODACTYL - ‘Skinner speaks: Hendrix is God’bby Dave Skinner:

“A belated review of the Hendrix concert in Madison, although not really a review, just my reaction to it: Noel Redding may be the greatest bass player in The World, and Mitch Mitchell may be the greatest drummer. But Hendrix is God, no more and no less. I really can’t give anybody any idea of his style or musical ability; he has to be seen to be believed. The setting was pretty good - The Factory, an off-campus hole, extremely overcrowded, the first show over more than an hour late, people crowded in the frigid air outside listening, waiting, dying to get experienced. Probably a more knowledgeable, turned-on crowd than you could find else where in the great Midwest; most from Madison, but others like us who drove hundreds of miles on a pilgrimage to see our Lord.
Redding, with his massive head of hair, came out first to introduce the Soft Machine. […] And then, God and his angels, a kind of unequal Holy Trinity. They played several things from the first album, only one song from ‘Axis,’ and a whole lot of other stuff. This included one improvised jam, an unrecognizable Dylan song, and a few great numbers not released in the States, like ‘Red House’ and ‘Burning of the Midnight Lamp.’ Jimi was in his usual flamboyance, wearing an old patchwork-quilt jacket, a couple of medallions, and a huge hat with silver medals on it. He played a lot with his teeth, and he’s really good at it; better than anybody else can do, with hands alone. Sly smile and eyes, throwing kisses at the cops, and looking at Redding as he altered the words to ‘Purple Haze’ to ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy’. Fire’, he said was an old rock and roll song he wrote back in l937; ’The Wind Cries Mary’ was something off the Country and Western Top 40. Climax after climax - ‘Foxy Lady’ made little girls grab themselves in ecstasy and grown men cry. Eleven songs in all. The final number was his great Monterey showstopper, ‘Wild Thing’. After a few minutes of rapping and asking everyone to sing along, he dedicated the song to ‘our fighting men - our soldiers in Detroit, Watts, Chicago…‘ got a tremendous ovation and began. Complete orgasm - he didn’t use his hands on the guitar, but played it with his teeth, microphone, back, crotch, finally climaxing in sitting on the thing and humping it. Somehow beautiful music kept coming out of it, right through the foreplay into the ultimate submission. In reviewing the New York concert at HunterCollege, Pat Dingle in Rat concluded that ‘no one girl left the Auditorium a virgin.’ I would guess that the same thing was true in Madison. […] After Hendrix, other concerts are rather uninteresting.”
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MessageSujet: Re: Madison (Factory) : 27 février 1968 [Second concert]    

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Madison (Factory) : 27 février 1968 [Second concert]
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