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 Atlanta (Atlanta Municipal Auditorium) : 17 août 1968 [Second concert]

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MessageSujet: Atlanta (Atlanta Municipal Auditorium) : 17 août 1968 [Second concert]   Mar 13 Juil 2010 - 21:20

Atlanta (Atlanta Municipal Auditorium) : 17 août 1968 [Second Concert]

Deux concerts ce jour là, avec Eire Apparent, Vanilla Fudge et Soft Machine en première partie.

Second Concert (Liste partielle) :

- Fire
- Red House
- Purple Haze
- Wild Thing
- Star Spangled Banner

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Electric Thing


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MessageSujet: Re: Atlanta (Atlanta Municipal Auditorium) : 17 août 1968 [Second concert]   Mer 14 Juil 2010 - 13:07

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Purple Jim


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MessageSujet: Re: Atlanta (Atlanta Municipal Auditorium) : 17 août 1968 [Second concert]   Sam 22 Jan 2011 - 18:34


“There is a concert - a rock concert with several serious new music groups, and advertising that promoted only the top 40 dribble that some of the groups produce: WQXI control prevails. Five groups play the afternoon show, - the Heir [sic] Apparent introduce the show, The Soft Machine do a long powerful riff with the drummer stealing the show, The Amboy Dukes really get into it and steal the entire concert...The Jimi Hendrix Experience leaves most of the audience cold, the audience leaves Hendrix cold, he finishes the show.
The evening show is much the same except the Amboy Dukes does not appear, we are told because of time considerations. Rumors fly, Hendrix was out performed earlier in the day so he gets insurance against that for the evening: no Amboy Dukes.
Hendrix plays again, and again many people are disappointed, not without cause. He didn’t really try; man, it’s only Atlanta, Ga.; where’s that, what is it? However, he plays his ass off on ‘Little Red House’ [sic], a blues thing unlike the head tunes that made him famous. Nothing freaky, just great music. He gets polite Atlanta applause. He does ‘Purple Haze’ and the crowd is pleased; he plays ‘Wild Thing’, the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ etc., smashes his guitar and amp and leaves the stage with the audience getting at least a few minutes of what they seemed to want.
Then there is an interview. Hendrix sits on the 21st floor of the Regency Hyatt House and does not want to be interviewed as he watches Joe Pyne freak on the tube. We begin slowly, phones ring, doors knock, the rest of the band comes in....
Bird: How was the afternoon performance?
Hendrix: I didn’t feel really up to it, you know, because we were pretty tired. Very, very tired as a matter of fact. We just got straight off the plane and came over here; had free time for about an hour and a half. It’s just like having recess in school. The first show as a drag, it was a bore. The people were waiting for flames or some thing, and I was waiting to get through to those people by a music way... I’d like to see anyone come to a show, but don’t forget we’re trying to get it across. Who wants to sit on a plane eight days a week and come down and see people’s faces saying ‘Are you going to burn your guitar tonight?’ What’s that shit about? Just because we did it about three times in three hundred gigs....
Bird: Do you get much into what’s happening with black people?
Hendrix: I don’t get a chance, man. I’m not thinking about black people or white people. I’m thinking about the obsolete and the new. Some people weren’t made to live together anyway. All that’s more personal-type of things that comes out in riots and frustra tions and so forth. It’s so screwed up. Everyone’s like sheeps now almost on America.
Bird: Did you dig the covers you’ve had for your albums?
Hendrix: All that’s.. .completely in the past.
Bird: What are you going to do for the new one?
Hendrix: Well, we have this one photo of us sitting on Alice in Wonderland, a bronze statue of it in Central Park, and we got some kids and all. First I wanted to get that beautiful woman, about 6 foot 7 – Veruschka - she’s so sexy you just want to hmmm. Any way, we wanted to get her and have her leading us across the desert, and we have like these chains on us but we couldn’t find a desert ‘cause we was working and we couldn’t get a hold of her ‘cause she was in Rome.
Bird: A lot of people aren’t sure about that interview thing on the second album, that spacy interview.
Hendrix: We just felt like saying it. You’re really going to be disap pointed when you hear our first track on our new LP, because it’s like ‘When The Gods Made Love,’ and it’s, you know, maybe I should play it. Can I play it for you?”
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MessageSujet: Re: Atlanta (Atlanta Municipal Auditorium) : 17 août 1968 [Second concert]   Lun 6 Mai 2013 - 9:07

Scoop de Gary Serkin sur Facebook : "Last night I found out that 2 guys at the 2nd show, recorded this concert on a portable Nakamichi reel-to-reel! The Amboy Dukes only played the 3pm show, because Jimi barred Ted from the 2nd one. They attended, but weren't very happy about it! Eire Apparent made their debut on this tour and opened the show with a cover of "Gloria." I've heard that Jimi played the "Star Spangled Banner" for the 1st time at this concert and if so, that was a year before it became famous at Woodstock."
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MessageSujet: Re: Atlanta (Atlanta Municipal Auditorium) : 17 août 1968 [Second concert]   

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Atlanta (Atlanta Municipal Auditorium) : 17 août 1968 [Second concert]
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