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MessageSujet: Randy Brecker    Lun 12 Juil 2010 - 18:08

Randy Brecker :

Trumpeter-composer-bandleader and former sideman for Horace Silver, Billy Cobham, Jaco Pastorius and Frank Zappa, he co-founded Dreams in 1969 and the Brecker Bros. band in 1974.

Do I consider Hendrix a jazz guitarist? Ahh—no! But he was the epitome and essence of rock ’n’ roll! Although he listened to jazz and was a great improviser, the parameters, vocabulary and sensibility were different and sometimes extremely divergent. Jazz is about finesse; Hendrix was as raw as it can get. Pitch, time and dynamics were not important in the Hendrix Experience—and quite frankly, remembering back, sometimes I had difficulty reconciling these items when I heard him, especially live. But the strong points of that group—raw energy, originality, balls, amazing tunes, conception and volume—were so overwhelming that the other points were literally blown away. I still get chills when I put on those records.

Probably the first time I heard Jimi was when he was jamming at The Scene in ’67. I also heard him at Electric Lady before it was turned into a recording studio [for a brief time it was a big club]. My first reaction was to run and stuff pieces of a napkin in my ears. I mean, that shit was loud! But it was also completely unforgettable from the second he walked on stage. You have to remember we had never seen anyone even dress like he did. This was back when you had to wear a suit to play bebop but really didn’t want to.

Jimi’s tunes and the words and his singing all were big influences on my own music. I loved his stream of consciousness lyrics and his singing because it was untrained and functioned as an organic part of the music. After I heard “Up From the Skies,” for instance, which was one of his most jazz-influenced songs, I wrote “Imagine My Surprise,” which became the title song of the second Dreams record. That was one of the few times in fact that I wrote something with only one influence and song in mind. His playing was an influence, too, for that matter. When I plugged into my effects [wah-wah pedals and delays] I always had him in mind along with my jazz influences.

Had he lived, I think Jimi would have played and recorded under different settings, including some very jazz-influenced situations such as his collaboration with Gil Evans, which was on the drawing boards right at the time he died. I also think his playing would have continued to develop but within a rock format and not really radically change that much. The last thing I would hope for him to become would be anything but what he was—the greatest and most original rock guitarist ever.

Source : http://jazztimes.com/articles/20150-jimi-hendrix-modern-jazz-axis

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MessageSujet: Re: Randy Brecker    Lun 28 Mai 2012 - 11:39

Très bel hommage.
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Randy Brecker
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