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 Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg]

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Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg] Empty
MessageSujet: Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg]   Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg] Icon_minitimeSam 10 Juil 2010 - 15:50

Are You Experienced?
[Deluxe Edition Bootleg]

Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg] UKBoxFront

01 Foxy Lady
02 Manic Depression
03 Red House
04 Can You See Me
05 Love Or Confusion
06 I Don't Live Today
07 May This Be Love
08 Fire
09 Third Stone From The Sun
10 Remember
11 Are You Experienced?

12 Hey Joe
13 Stone Free
14 Purple Haze
15 51st Anniversary
16 The Wind Cries Mary
17 Highway Chile

Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg] USBoxFront

01 Purple Haze
02 Manic Depression
03 Hey Joe
04 Love Or Confusion
05 May This Be Love
06 I Don't Live Today
07 The Wind Cries Mary
08 Fire
09 Third Stone From The Sun
10 Foxy Lady
11 Are You Experienced?

12 Red House
13 Can You See Me
14 Remember
15 Highway Chile (2000 Remix)
16 Stone Free (Simluated Stereo)

01 Hey Joe (Alternate Take 1)
02 Hey Joe (Master Version, Session Takes 1-2)
03 Hey Joe (Master Version, Alternate Mono Mix)
04 Hey Joe (Alternate Take 2)
05 Foxy Lady (Alternate Stereo Mix)
06 Can You See Me (Session Takes 1-3)
07 Can You See Me (Master Backing Track)
08 Can You See Me (Alternate Stereo Mix)
09 Red House (UK Version, Alternate Mono Mix)
10 Red House (US Version, Session Takes 1-3)
11 Red House (US Version, Alternate Stereo Mix)
12 Remember (Session Takes 1-7)
13 Remember (Alternate Mono Mix)

01 Purple Haze (Alternate Stereo Mix)
02 Purple Haze (Alternate Mono Mix)
03 51st Anniversary (Session Takes 1-2)
04 51st Anniversary (Master Backing Track)
05 51st Anniversary (Alternate Stereo Mix)
06 Fire (Session Takes 1-6)
07 Fire (Master Backing Track)
08 The Wind Cries Mary (Master Backing Track)
09 The Wind Cries Mary (Alternate Session Take)
10 I Don't Live Today (Session Takes 1-3)
11 I Don't Live Today (Master Backing Track)
12 I Don't Live Today (Alternate Stereo Mix)
13 Manic Depression (Session Takes 1-2)
14 Manic Depression (Alternate Mono Mix)
15 La Pouppee Qui Fait Non (Unused Backing Track)
16 Title #3 (Unused Backing Track)
17 Lover Man (Unused Backing Track)
18 May This Be Love (Alternate Mono Mix)
19 Third Stone From The Sun (Overdub Session)


Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg] BoxBack

This "bootleg" deluxe edition is my idea of what an official product could and should be like. Doing a deluxe edition of this album is hardly a new idea...others have done it before. The difference with my set is that every track every track was carefully auditioned and taken from the best sounding and most pure sources, and every track has been remastered and normalized for consistancy across the board. EQ was adjusted to bring out the material's full potential and to reduce problematic frequencies inherent in this 60's-recorded material. There was no hiss reduction or fake stereo processing attempted. Limiting was applied in only a few cases and not as heavy-handed as the official Experience Hendrix product. Pops and clicks were carefully removed (from the vinyl material and from scratchy pan pots in the stereo mixes), and mono vinyl-sourced material was properly collapsed into mono to eliminate stereo crosstalk and noise. The mono AYE? LP was freshly transferred from the French LP, which was recently discovered to be far superior sounding to the common UK LP! The US stereo LP comes from the rare first CD pressing that was made from the stereo master with no extra processing! The rest of the set is taken from various sources, sometimes vinyl, but guaranteed to be the best I could find. This set was designed for audiophiles and to be played LOUD!

Transferred, Compiled & Mastered by needledrop - May 2009

Le matériel de ce pirate recoupe largement celui des deux anthologies suivantes :
- The Making Of Are You Experienced (ATM 109-112)
- Moonbeams & Fairytales [Rock of Ages]

Les petits plus :
- This is a BOOTLEG audiophile deluxe edition of Are You Experienced?. Anyone who has downloaded the audiophile BBC Sessions set... will know what to expect.
- On peut aussi apprécier le fait que les deux versions d'époque de Are You Experienced soient présentées dans l'ordre.
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Date d'inscription : 04/06/2010
Age : 45
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Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg] Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg]   Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg] Icon_minitimeMar 6 Déc 2016 - 19:54

personne ne parle jamais du "Are You Experienced" U.S. Mono d'époque ?
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Are You Experienced? [Deluxe Edition Bootleg]
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