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MessageSujet: Mick Taylor   Mick Taylor Icon_minitimeLun 15 Déc 2014 - 14:32

"I remember one time in 1966 ... 67 ... I think 67 ... I played in San Francisco at the Fillmore West, and I was playing with John Mayall; Albert King was playing and Jimi Hendrix was at the top of the bill. At the end ... some guys from the Grateful Dead got together with us and jammed all night.
One time, he came to this little club in London called the Speakeasy. It was a little club that musicians came to ... Hendrix came there anyway... it was that kind of club that musicians used to go to in the evening. He wanted to play, but there was no spare guitar... I'm right handed ...and he's left-handed...and all he did was just turn it upside-down ... It was amazing to hear someone play so well...and with the guitar backwards! Jimi Hendrix could play both ways...which is quite phenomenal.
I've never met anyone else that could do that. It's like playing the piano backwards.... Because all the strings and notes are reversed. He seemed to be able to play equally well both ways ... which is quite phenomenal.
You can't learn to play one way...and I can't think of anyone that I've ever met who's left handed that can just turn a right handed guitar upside down... To turn it upside-down and play backwards. All the chords are reversed...and instead of bending a string.... You'd have to pull it.
There were a few other times that I remember ...backstage at Madison Square Garden in 69 with the Stones. He came to the show, I think he was living in NY...during his band The Gypsies period...he came backstage ... and we had a little jam in the dressing room. I've actually seen some photos of that published in a magazine a few years back. I very rarely ever saw Jimi Hendrix without a guitar. He was always playing a guitar."

Merci à Saskia Monsoon-Riviera sur Facebook pour ce témoignage.
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MessageSujet: Re: Mick Taylor   Mick Taylor Icon_minitimeJeu 10 Sep 2015 - 10:41

Hendrix Mr Phenomenom.
Le fait qu'il était capable de jouer left hand ou right hand, explique en autre sa capacité à sortir des notes et des impro différentes à chaque interprétation d'un même titre.

C'est vraiment la chose qui me sidère, c'est sa manière de ne jamais interpréter une chanson de la même façon.

Et ça me rappelle également une citation de Gil Evans je crois, où quand j'écoute Hendrix j'ai toujours l'impression de découvrir de nouvelles choses bien que j'ai pu écouter le morceau ou le concert 40 milles fois.
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