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MessageSujet: Site officiel : des questions-réponses (des responsables)   Mer 6 Oct 2010 - 2:32

Dans la section bonus réservée aux membres du site officiel http://www.jimihendrix.com/fr , il y a des questions-réponses qui peuvent nous intéresser sur ce qui se prépare chez Sony. Les voici : Wink

1 - Question

This may be an odd question, but I'm wondering if Jimi ever found having a right-handed guitar turned upside-down annoying (with the pickup switch and knob controls in the way) or if he found this beneficial to his playing.

I'm an avid Hendrix fan and guitarist, and have myself thought of turning a left-handed guitar upside-down, just to replicate Jimi's look!



“ Hi Chris,
Jimi was most comfortable playing a right handed guitar turned over and restrung. Even when he could afford left handed guitars later in his career, he opted to stay with what he was most comfortable with. ”

2 - Question

Existe-t-il des enregistrements de la rencontre entre Jimi Hendrix et John Mac Laughlin ?

Good morning.
Are there any recordings of the meeting between Jimi Hendrix and John Mc Laughlin?
Thank you

“ Hi,
There is a recording of a studio session featuring Jimi and John from March 1969. No plans are confirmed for a release at this time, but the Hendrix family are aware of the interest in the recording and its historical significance.”

3 - Question

The song "Hey Joe", did Jimi wrote the lyrics based in some kind of episode of his life?
Thank you,


“ Hi João ,

Jimi did not write this song. This song was composed by Billy Roberts and was covered by many groups including The Leaves and Tim Rose. Former Animals bassist Chas Chandler, who discovered Jimi in 1966, was convinced that the song could be a hit in the UK and wanted to find an artist with whom he could work with to record a version of the song. The belief Chas had in Jimi and Hey Joe paid off as the recording he produced in 1966 launched Jimi's career and remains one of his most recognized recordings. ”

4 - Question

I have the Alan Douglas set "Midnight L:ightnin'" - are these the same tracks as on "Valley of Neptune". From everything I've read on session dates, these are the same?



Gary Blue
Presenter / Producer - STAR BLUES

“ Hi Gary,
The tracks on Valleys Of Neptune are different from Midnight Lightning. One song, "Hear My Train A Comin'" was featured as part of Midnight Lightning but that version was severely edited and featured overdubs recorded in 1975 by sessions musicians who had not been involved in the original April 7, 1969 session. The version on Valleys Of Neptune presents the original recording with all original instrumentation restored. ”

5 - Question

Hi, Is there anymore unreleased material of Jimi's left to turn into a new album please? So far I have these CDs...Jimi Hendrix As You Have Never Heard Him Before, Jimi Hendrix 'Blues' -my favourite and Valleys Of Neptune.


“ Hi Peter,
There are many exciting Jimi Hendrix recordings that have yet to be released. You can expect these to be issued as part of albums released by Experience Hendrix and Sony Music in the years to come.

In the interim, you should look into other existing releases from Experience Hendrix such as the four CD Jimi Hendrix Experience box set which presents more than 50 unique studio, radio and live recordings. There is also Dagger Records, an official 'bootleg' label designed to make even more of Jimi's music available to his fans. You can find more information about these releases on jimihendrix.com.

Thanks! ”

6 - Question

Hi Axis

There is a rumour that Jimi jammed with Rashaan Roland Kirk one night at Ronnie Scotts (or was it the Speakeasy?) in London.
Do any recordings of this exist and did the jam really happen???

Kind regards


PS I was lucky enough to hear Jimi live many times when he played in London, including an early Saville Theatre gig - what a musician he was!!


Jimi did indeed jam with Rashaan Roland Kirk in London but there are no known recordings of this special meeting.”

7 - Question

I was wondering where Jimi's guitars went to after he passed away?
It would be nice if they would have been collected and are exposed at some sort of Jimi Hendrix museum.

Best regards,


“Hi John,

While some guitars were returned to his family in Seattle after his death, unfortunately a number of Jimi's guitars were stolen.

You can see some of Jimi's instruments at permanent museum exhibits at venues such as Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and the Experience Music Project in Seattle, WA. ”

8 - Question

Is there any chance that the famous " Experience Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1969" movie will be released on DVD??
It was that concert that got me in to Jimi's music. My first lP from Jimi was that concert. A room full of mirrors hit me, it hit me hard……..


“Hi Peter,

We are working on the Royal Albert Hall project and hope to release a theatrical film, DVD and CD soundtrack from this incredible performance in the near future. ”

9 - Question

I'm sure these questions have been asked hundreds of times...

1. 1. Are there any plans to officially release/rerelease the first show of the Berkeley concert in 1970, and the Winterland Shows?
These live concerts seem to be in the realm of the bootlegger and/or trading for ridiculous prices on ebay.

2. 2. Also, there have been lots of rumours for many years about a Royal Albert Hall release. Will this soon be getting a release?


“Yes. Live performances from both Winterland and Berkeley will be part of future Experience Hendrix releases. We are also working on the Royal Albert Hall project and hope to have that ready for release in the near future. ”

10 - Question

In Miles Davis' autobiography it is mentioned that he and Jimi had played together a couple of times at Miles' house. Are there
recordings from those (or other) sessions and will it be released on cd in the near future?



“Jimi did know Miles socially and visited his New York home but they never recorded together. Miles Davis acknowledged this in his autobiography. ”

11 - Question

As off what I've read, there was a bit of controversy between Jimi and Noel on the recording of "Electric Ladyland"
The bass-part on 1983 (a Merman I should turn to be) - is that entirely Noel playing or has Jimi (or anyone else) been dubbed over, in the mixing-process

Been listening to the music on my new 5.1 setup and this is quite an experience (in a good way, that is...)
Have these editions been mixed in this way or does my amplifier widen the tracks synthetic?

Love from Denmark
Jan Erik

“ Jan Erik, Jimi can be heard playing the bass guitar on 1983 ”

12 - Question

Hey There.
Is there any track Jimmy has played with BB.King? If so, is it published?
Have a nice day.
T.M. D.K.

“ Hi, Jimi jammed with BB at the Generation Club [later the site of his own Electric Lady Studios] in April 1968. Jimi made a recording of the jam session which has since been widely bootlegged but not officially released. ”

13 - Question

I live in Iceland and one of my teachers in my Musical school was telling us a story of a guy from Iceland who was a drummer and a close friend to Jimi and used to play with him.

Is that true, and if so what was his name.

“ Hi, We are unaware of any such musician--although it is entirely possible that someone such as this could havecrossed paths with Jimi during his time in Europe and struck up a friendship. ”

14 - Question

First: I’m a great great fan of Experience Hendrix’s and Dagger’s work with Jimi’s music and legacy.
Second: Black Gold recordings will be released? And the track that he recorded with Brian Jones playing sitar called Little One? (I saw this title on the internet, I don’t know if this is the real title).


Cheers from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Alan James

“ Hi, Actually that session features Traffic guitarist Dave Mason together with Mitch and Jimi. It was recorded in December 1967 at Olympic Studios in London. We do plan on releasing this song as part of a future EH release. ”

15 - Question

how many times did jimi burn/break up his guitar? And when/where did it happen?


“ Hi, Not as often as his legend might suggest. He did burn his guitar at performances in London and Monterey in 1967 for example but he more frequently thrashed and occasionally smashed his guitar against his amplifiers at concerts such as the Royal Albert Hall on February 24, 1969. ”

16 - Question

I have heard from many sources on the Internet etc that jimi was a perfectionist recording take after take until happy with the result and that this forced members to leave the jimi Hendrix experience. Do u see his perfectionism as a positive thing or do you think he should of just been happy with the first take?

Sent from my iPod

“ Hi, Jimi invested a great deal of energy and time into his music. His inability to read or write music led him to either articulate or literally show his fellow musicians exactly what he wanted. You may want to view a documentary such as At Last The Beginning: The Making Of Electric Ladyland. This film lends some insight into his creative process and how his approach would leave him at odds with those such as Chas Chandler and Noel Redding who preferred working more quickly. ”

17 - Question

Does the Black Gold tapes ever going to be released ?


“ Hi, Yes. Recordings from this rich archive of demos will be issued as part of future EH releases. ”

18 - Question

Are there plans to release an official complete set of the Band of Gypsys New Year's Eve sets? I currently have 561 Jimi CD's in my collection and have different bootleg versions but only the official single CD, albeit in its different released versions.



“ Hi, We will be releasing additional performances fromt his great archive as part of future EH releases but there are no firm plans at present. In case you haven't seen it, you should check out Live At The Fillmore East, a 2 CD collection of Band Of Gypsys performances not featured on the original 1970 album, including an expanded version of "We Gotta Live Together". You may also be interested in the Dagger Records title Baggy's Rehearsal Sessions, a collection of December 1969 rehearsal recordings which feature the group developing songs for the four legendary concerts. ”

Arrow Je peux leur en poser si vous voulez ! Very Happy
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Messages : 107
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Age : 37

MessageSujet: Re: Site officiel : des questions-réponses (des responsables)   Dim 10 Oct 2010 - 16:22

Bide... !
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MessageSujet: Re: Site officiel : des questions-réponses (des responsables)   Dim 10 Oct 2010 - 20:43

Non. Mais l'ancienne formule du site officielle présentait aussi ce genre de questions-réponses - et beaucoup de choses annoncées n'ont jamais vu le jour... Cela dit, il est évident que dans les 4-5 années qui viennent, il devrait il y avoir pas mal de sorties officielles : Experience Hendrix s'est sans aucun doute engagé auprès de Sony à publier un certain nombre d'inédits. Lesquels ? Ceux qui survivront sauront !
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Electric Thing


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MessageSujet: Re: Site officiel : des questions-réponses (des responsables)   Dim 10 Oct 2010 - 20:57

Ayler a écrit:
Ceux qui survivront sauront !

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Date d'inscription : 15/07/2010
Age : 37

MessageSujet: Re: Site officiel : des questions-réponses (des responsables)   Lun 11 Oct 2010 - 0:37

C'est clair que lorsque des sorties sont envisagées et que rien ne sort, le fan impatient est frustré ! L'avantage des questions réponses est plus pour savoir ce que possède réellement Expérience Hendrix; de plus, la pertinence des questions des fans connaisseurs peut les orienter vers tel ou tel projet. Jimi a tellement enregistré que cela ne doit pas être simple de partir sur des projets grands public, et ceux plus pointus. Peut-être que si il y avait moins de piratage, ils prendraient plus de risque ? ! scratch
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MessageSujet: Re: Site officiel : des questions-réponses (des responsables)   

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Site officiel : des questions-réponses (des responsables)
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